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Would you like to talk curses? Want to hit me with some crit? Is there a gif or a picture that's incredibly relevant? This is the place for all of that! No comment screening, but I think you can post anonymously if you like (if that's not the case, please correct me?).
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Ah, wretch! Today he says: I know it all,
And goes away closing his eyes and ears.
And the gods are no more! Mankind is King,
And Man is God! But Love is the only faith...

[Rimbaud, "Credo In Unam"]

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♦ Ridiculously long survey meme
♦ Some of Justin's favorite poems and excerpts

TL;DR: The Best of Justin on LJ
(for the purpose of preserving his development as a human being)

Part I (November 5th, 2008 through April 22nd, 2009)
Part II (April 28th, 2009 through September 11th, 2009)
Part III (September 17th, 2009 through March 12th, 2010)
Part IV (May 13th, 2010 through October 8th, 2010)

Were it not that I have bad dreams..,


Feb. 25th, 2014 11:14 am
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If the apocalyptic weather conditions, rampaging animals, and earthquakes haven't convinced you to stay at home, do yourself a favor and get inside. The fight between the Anonymous Movement and the Deities isn't ours.

Things like this--things that feel like the promise of significant change--have happened before. The clock has behaved erratically before, and we've been offered freedom before. It's always the same: There's a build-up, a day or two of chaos, and then we're back to whatever curses the City has scheduled for us. Ultimately, nothing changes. It doesn't matter who controls the City or what promises they make. The Deities and the Anonymous Movement are puppets, bureaucrats--administrators who lack the power to alter the City in a meaningful way.

Don't fight for them. Fight for yourself or your friends or your convictions if you have to, but not for them.

[Private // Unlocked to Neil and Todd] )



Feb. 16th, 2014 04:30 pm
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[Justin doesn't bother making a post. Neil has already articulated his thoughts on the door, and anyone who wants to find him will know that he's either at the Police Station or in Xanadu. (He would spend more time in the apartment, but the thought that Neil and Todd might end up separated if the door works is more distressing when he's around them.)

He has a bouquet of pink orchids with him. Homegrown, of course, and intended for one very specific visitor, if she comes. She has to come. If the door works, this might be his last chance to see her.

It might be his last chance to see anyone. Justin is, as usual, not optimistic about the outcome of the experiment with the door. At best, everyone with somewhere to be will leave. At worst--well, he's torn between worst-cast scenarios. Either the City could be destroyed and take everyone with it or the Anonymous Movement could force everyone out. (Okay, the first is worst, but the outcomes are equally distasteful. He would lose the only people he cares about either way.) Such lines of thought make Justin even broodier than usual, which is a significant achievement.

Maybe, for once, the worst won't happen.]

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(21) Justin returns to the City.
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[Midday, a new arrival--or perhaps someone familiar to those who have been in the City for more than a few months--appears by the fountain. His button-up shirt (buttoned all the way to the top, as usual), khakis, and loafers aren't exactly seasonally appropriate, but at least he managed to avoid the icy fountain.

It's not as if the cold can bother him that much, anyway.

He looks around for the device that he knows will be nearby and--yes, there it is, just like always. He dusts stray snowflakes off of it, checks the date, and switches it to record.]

This is Justin Pendleton. If anyone who knew me is still here, I'd appreciate a response.

Who's currently running the City? Anonymous? What state is the police force in? Again, answers would be appreciated. Thank you.

[He moves to end the recording and hesitates.]

Neil, Todd. You'd better still be here.

[There, good. He cuts the video short and pockets the network device. Until he hears from his flatmates, Justin resolves to check out the City and see what has changed in the four months he's been gone himself.]

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(2) The new overseers don't know what they're doing. That's encouraging.
(2) Rosella has been in the City for five years.
(4) It looks like Mako is babysitting Korra. Maybe.
(4) Carla has a daughter.
(4) Jimmy and Justin are depressing little shits.
(5) Angela's memories are missing.
(7) Justin is the most welcoming.
(14) So now death is a thing that takes?
(25) Great, the barriers are acting up again.
(26) Justin is officially missing from the City.


Jul. 7th, 2013 08:15 pm
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While you're here, please try to conduct yourself appropriately. If something is illegal in your world, it's likely frowned upon in the City; don't do it.

The police are still here and working in spite of the recent revolution. We can be contacted via the network in the event of an emergency.

[Now that business is out of the way:]

I'll be checking my messages all weekend, if there's anyone I know here.



Jun. 30th, 2013 12:38 pm
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This isn't over.

The deities didn't create rules--they enforced them. Whoever or whatever is above them is, presumably, still there. The only thing that this revolution has changed is who oversees us. We're not free. Our problems aren't gone.

We can't be sure that we'll be better off. What do we know about the people who have replaced the deities? Do we know where they came from? What they truly want? Now that they control whatever power the deities had, what are they going to do with it? They've made promises, but what have they done for us? Were they any more forgiving or any less ruthless than the deities during the fighting?

Nothing gets better in the City. Maybe this time will be an exception, but I see no reason to hope for much. We'll still lose people we come to care about. We'll still be at the mercy of our captors, even if they aren't the ones we're used to.

Be careful. Don't hesitate to contact the police if there's trouble.

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Log Threads
(4) Justin attends an execution.

(2) Laszlo gives a charming speech on treachery.
(5) Setsuna is shot down by the new City guard.
(5) Steve is unimpressed by the City's brand of justice.
(6) At least Carla isn't a cannibal anymore.
(10) The worms from the meteorites aren't Digimon.*
(10) Neil's books are being eaten.
(13) Korra's two friends crash a car into the carousel.
(18) Shikieiki thinks about the dead.
(22) The violent rebels are giving Rosella trouble.
(23) Now the rebels are threatening Todd.
(27) Where do we stand where the rebellion is concerned?
(30) Justin doesn't trust the rebels. (POST)


May. 17th, 2013 07:44 pm
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[The video shows... an unimpressed cat. It is most definitely not Justin's cat, but it's in his room.]

Does this cat belong to anyone?

[An orange tabby--that's Justin's cat--jumps up to sniff the intruder.]

He's been here for almost three days. I'm sure his owner is worried.

[That's actually a lie. The video doesn't convey it, of course, but the black cat is quite capable of answering any questions Justin might have. This isn't a real inquiry so much as an indirect way of asking him to leave.

There's little else that needs to be said. The feed ends.]


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I don't suppose anyone has evaluated the lifeboat situation on this ship.

[action (boat)]

[Justin has received his message and his target. He has significant doubts about the veracity of the message's claims--if escaping is as simple as murder, he can think of a few citizens who should be home by now--but what if it is legitimate? The City has offered false hope before, but what if, just this once, escape is possible? The message's wording was so reasonable...

After an initial inspection of his cabin, Justin chooses to take stock of the ship and its occupants. He wanders the deck and makes his way through as much of the vessel's interior as unlocked doors allow. His jacket conceals a gun. Whether or not he'll be able to use it is anyone's guess. A life seems a small price to pay to escape the City when death is impermanent, but he can't help but mistrust the City. Would he kill for a chance to get out and move on to whatever awaits the dead? Maybe. Justin has been in the City for years; it's a wearying existence. Can he murder without any certainty that the act will have the desired outcome? He isn't sure. The thought of killing someone (again) is sickening, to say the least.

Then again, the someone in question is, according to the anonymous message, Jimmy. It's almost regrettable. The man who shares his face has admitted to multiple murders and armed robbery, but Justin had sympathized with him when they spoke during a body swap. Maybe it'll be easier if he imagines that Jimmy is him.

Justin doesn't look like someone contemplating murder as he makes his way through the ship.]

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Action for Neil & Todd / Off-Network In All Conceivable Ways )

[Public Voice Post]

I don't remember if this has been asked before, but is there any apparent pattern where the handcuff curse is concerned? Are the participants usually friends? Enemies? Strangers? Given the unlikelihood that I would be handcuffed to a friend, I can't believe it's coincidence.

[And if you know Justin, you will also know that he has three friends in a vast City. The odds of randomly being attached to one of them are slim to none.]

It's nothing important. It just seems that there's significance in what happens here more often than not.



Feb. 16th, 2013 01:10 am
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[As soon as it becomes apparent that the City is more crowded than usual, Justin does what is, for him, the unthinkable: he makes a post. There's no deliberation, no planning, none of the typical reluctance to interact with the world outside of his very small comfort zone.

Just a rushed public service announcement.]

If you haven't been here before, this is the City. It's difficult to explain and you likely won't be here long enough for an explanation to matter. Stay calm. You'll only be here for a day or two.

If you have been here before, try to set a decent example.

[But that's not the real reason for this post.]

Euphie? Are you here?



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