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Name:Justin Pendleton
Birthdate:Jan 20, 1984


Full Name: Justin Pendleton
Age: Twenty-one (biologically), twenty-four (mentally)
Birthday: January 20, 1984
Height: 5'10"
Home: San Benito, CA (Earth, 2004)
Languages: English, decent French, some German and Latin
Permissions: Empaths are free to notice feelings of guilt and misery. I'm a bit selective about what characters can learn about Justin with natural abilities; please contact me to hash out details!

In a Nutshell: Justin is a quiet, reclusive intellectual from a wealthy but emotionally distant family. In high school, he was the smart kid with no friends to speak of, a flawless GPA, and a fondness for criminology and Nietzchean philosophy. The loner. The outcast.

He also helped kill a woman.

Since his initial arrival in the City in November of 2008, Justin has managed to improve his people skills (although they're still lacking), put his firsthand knowledge of crime and murder to good use, and make a number of poor decisions that have led to death and psychological torment. He has also managed to find some amount of compassion and quiet, understated kindness underneath the layers of guilt and self-pity he had managed to trap himself in. While he has yet to get over his morbid obsession with death or his tendency to think himself into inaction or--worse yet--bouts of deep depression, Justin is a hard-working inhabitant of the City. He even has friends who will tolerate his apathy towards most things, lack of emoting, and occasionally acerbic sense of humor.


Residence: Neil and Todd's Apartment
Job: Police goon
Romantic Relationship: It's complicated
4th Walling? On the appropriate days only, please, or with permission!

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