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Justin Pendleton ([personal profile] othersdie) wrote2013-01-20 12:28 pm
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Electra, a small tabby cat

✔ Worn notebook (contains the contents of all entries that are filtered or "off the network")
✔ Box of cards collected in the City
✔ A number of books, including:
        ✔ The Complete Works of T.S. Eliot
        ✔ Rimbaud: A Collection in the Original French
        ✔ The Prince
        ✔ Poe: The Complete Works (Unabridged)
        ✔ All of the works of Friedrich Nietzsche
        ✔ Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (from Neil)
Painting by Carla
Photo from home, courtesy of a curse

✔ Glock 9MM
✔ A variety of flowers in a miniature greenhouse
✔ Absinthe and marijuana, in varying amounts