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You have failed to reach Justin Pendleton.  Please leave your name, contact information, and query after the tone.



May. 17th, 2013 07:44 pm
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[The video shows... an unimpressed cat. It is most definitely not Justin's cat, but it's in his room.]

Does this cat belong to anyone?

[An orange tabby--that's Justin's cat--jumps up to sniff the intruder.]

He's been here for almost three days. I'm sure his owner is worried.

[That's actually a lie. The video doesn't convey it, of course, but the black cat is quite capable of answering any questions Justin might have. This isn't a real inquiry so much as an indirect way of asking him to leave.

There's little else that needs to be said. The feed ends.]


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Welcome--or welcome back--to the City.

I'm around if you need me.


[It's a lackluster post to the network, but Justin isn't worried about making the strangers feel welcome. There are a very few, very specific people he's looking for. He delayed the post, unsure if seeing them would be a good thing or a bad thing.

Better to regret, perhaps...

Justin can be contacted via his network device or found in any of his usual haunts--the fringes of Xanadu, the police station, the apartment that he's currently sharing with Neil and Todd. He's exceptionally melancholy today (and has been, for some time), which is no small achievement considering his usual disposition. Approach at will. Should anyone choose to check the apartment, they may have to face Justin's recently-adopted tabby in addition to an abysmal mood.]



Jun. 15th, 2012 07:12 pm
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What do you believe happens to the dead once they leave the City?

I won't contest religious beliefs.

[Flagged to Dean // Open to Police Force Members and Affiliates]
I'd like to request a few days off, assuming no one else gets murdered. Please.

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If you see someone who looks like me today, be cautious. It may not be me.

[And that short, cryptic message is all that Justin has time for. Now that he's (almost) certain that he is, in fact, awake, he has a nightmare to find. Specifically, he has to find himself.

Anyone out roaming the City and its various dreamscapes may unwittingly encounter something that isn't quite Justin. This Justin, usually a part of a reoccurring dream, is stronger, faster, and deadlier than the real Justin could ever hope to be. He doesn't talk. He doesn't think. This nightmare version of Justin just stares... and, occasionally, kills. Perhaps you'll be lucky and the nightmare will pass you by. Perhaps you won't be lucky...]

[ooc: Naturally, Justin has nightmares about a more monstrous form of himself... and those nightmares end with the monster killing someone (that someone has already volunteered, so no need to raise your hand). Justin will be out trying to stop his nightmare from ending as it usually does, so feel free to have your character run into either Justin or nightmare!Justin. Try not to provoke nightmare!Justin.

Action tags from nightmare!Justin will be coming from [personal profile] ohcurses.]

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If anyone is looking for me, I'm at the welcome center.  Inside.


[Justin has been in and out of the welcome center since Friday.  Being welcoming--or talking to people, for that matter--isn't his strong suit, but it had seemed like a fine idea when he had volunteered to cover for Euphie. 

He hasn't ventured outside much, choosing to leave that for the more enthusiastic volunteers.  Still, people do wander in on occasion.  Anyone who meanders into the center this evening will find Justin hunched over the front desk, a book and an unlabelled bottle before him.  He's determined to avoid unnecessary conversation; it may take some effort for visitors to get so much as a 'hello' out of him.]

[ooc: This is late.  Really late.  Backdating is awesome, anything goes, and feel free to move any encounters to a more reasonable day/hour (just indicate the time change, if you would be so kind).  Did I mention that backdating is cool?]



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