othersdie: we feel, in all of this, a certain lack (Concerned)
(21) Justin returns to the City.
othersdie: shadows withering the flowers (!Multipurpose)
(2) The new overseers don't know what they're doing. That's encouraging.
(2) Rosella has been in the City for five years.
(4) It looks like Mako is babysitting Korra. Maybe.
(4) Carla has a daughter.
(4) Jimmy and Justin are depressing little shits.
(5) Angela's memories are missing.
(7) Justin is the most welcoming.
(14) So now death is a thing that takes?
(25) Great, the barriers are acting up again.
(26) Justin is officially missing from the City.

othersdie: are you exiled in those bottomless nights? (Puzzled)
Log Threads
(4) Justin attends an execution.

(2) Laszlo gives a charming speech on treachery.
(5) Setsuna is shot down by the new City guard.
(5) Steve is unimpressed by the City's brand of justice.
(6) At least Carla isn't a cannibal anymore.
(10) The worms from the meteorites aren't Digimon.*
(10) Neil's books are being eaten.
(13) Korra's two friends crash a car into the carousel.
(18) Shikieiki thinks about the dead.
(22) The violent rebels are giving Rosella trouble.
(23) Now the rebels are threatening Todd.
(27) Where do we stand where the rebellion is concerned?
(30) Justin doesn't trust the rebels. (POST)


othersdie: are you exiled in those bottomless nights? (Default)
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