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November 5th - Initial arrival in the City. Justin meets Road.
November 6th - Justin meets Abby Scuito and joins the police force (forensics department).
December 22nd - Justin's first cat, Neith, is acquired.
December 31st - Richard leaves the City.

January 19th - Justin enters Road's dream and sees her split herself in half.
January 22nd - After three days of being comatose, Justin rejoins the world.
January 27th - Justin meets Shilo.
March 31st - Justin determines that he probably (maybe, possibly) has feelings for Shilo.
April 12th - Easter means the dead get to be alive. Justin publicly thanks Christianity.
April 13th - Justin meets Todd (and he has met Neil by now...)
April 15th - Neil drags Justin into A Midsummer Night's Dream.
April 30th - An incurable illness called geostigma attempts to kill Justin. It isn't successful.
May 11th - The hair thing and its mother live happily ever after.
June 2nd - Road plays a game with Justin's mind and impales him with a candle. He loses his mind. A little.
June 14th - Justin has recollected his marbles.
June 23rd - Deity Virginia blows up the Major and... leaves. Forever.
September 11th - Justin gets trapped in the sinking prison and revisits his guilt.
September 17th - Justin is mentally frail. Oh, and he thinks he loves Shilo. Possibly.
October 19th - There are werewolves. This is where Justin's dog phobia really kicks in.
December 5th - The barriers appear to crumble; Justin and Shilo plan an escape.
December 25th - Justin actually kind of celebrates Christmas. He's almost happy.

January 1st - Someone tries to blow up the deities' office building. Nice try!
February 26th - Justin is captured and tortured.
February 27th - The Master eats Justin alive.
February 28th - Justin comes back, City!dead, in the cemetery, and with foggy memories.

March 12th - Shilo and Justin decide to live together.
March 31st - Justin slaughters a sheep to ward off a Biblical curse. He is not pleased.
May 13th - Sheep attack.
July 16th - Justin digs in the graveyard... and disappears.
July 20th - Underground, Justin is mauled by zombies.
July 24th - After reviving and trading eyeballs for his life (thank you, Keeper), Justin is alive.
August 5th - The cost of Justin's life is eighteen animal eyeballs. If you were curious.
August 26th - During a high school curse, Justin punches Rudy in the face. It's great.
September 30th - The police force is in crisis mode as the City experiences a Biblical flood.
October 8th - Justin has a nervous breakdown and considers suicide.
November 30th - Justin is, for once, almost happy. Kind of.
December 1st - Justin leaves the City.

December 29th - Justin returns without memories of the City. Neil and Todd take him in.

January 5th - Euphie evokes strange feelings. Like?
January 20th - Mara helps bring back some of Justin's memories--especially those of Shilo. Euphie is too kind.
February 11th - Justin's memories are largely recovered by now.
March 10th - Justin ponders the City's transformation into sand and mopes.
March 27th - Conversations with Dean make Justin think about morality. Ken becomes important.
April 13th - Justin is alive again.
May 12th - Justin's doppelganger tries to murder Euphie. After shooting his double, Justin stays with Euphie.
June 4th - An orange tabby adopts Justin. Justin considers suicide.
June 15th - Euphie leaves the City.
July 1st - During Fourth Wall, Justin and Euphie bond.
August - Justin has officially taken charge of the police force, much to his dismay.
September 14th - Justin returns from an unexpected vacation from the City... and he's no longer alive.
October 2nd - Angela's gone and the police force is, as usual, in a state of chaos.
October - A zombie kills Justin. Again.
November 3rd - Justin is alive again. He and Euphie finally say "I love you" during Fourth Wall.
December 17th - Full-blown apathy has set in and Justin would like to die.

January 8th - There is a ghoul infection. It's a good thing Steve Rogers is in charge of the police force.
February 16th - Fourth Wall means that Justin gets to see Euphie. Angela, Toph, and Cassie visit as well.
March 10th - Justin and the poets discover a new level of awkward when he wakes up in bed with them.
April 13th - Justin and Jimmy promise not to kill each other, as miserable as they both are. Must be the face.

City!Dead: November 5th, 2008 - July 20th, 2010
Alive: July 24th, 2010 - December 1st, 2010
City!Dead: December 29th, 2011 - April 13th, 2012
Alive: April 13th, 2012 - September 14th, 2012
City!Dead: September 14th, 2012 - November 3rd, 2012
Alive: November 3rd, 2012 - Present


Life-altering trauma
*As of June 15th, Justin has reached a point where trauma and other unpleasant things barely register.

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